Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Unlimited Yoga Summer Pass is back.
There is still time to buy the summer pass for 100.00. If you have time for two classes a week that is 12-14 classes for 100.00. We have Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha and Prenatal classes all included in this pass. Come on out for a class and have some summer fun.

Thai Yoga Massage level 1 is coming up this August 3-7. Register now as space is limited.

Open House for Atlas Yoga Teacher Training and Kundalini Teacher Training
August 11, 7:30pm

There are still spaces available in ACW - Camp Namaha - yoga camp program in August for both Cambridge and Waterloo. 120.00 for full days and 60.00 for half days.

This fall look forward to:
A free week of yoga for Yoga Month - September
The Yoga Passport - September
Atlas Yoga Teacher Training
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
Thai Yoga Massage Level 3
8 Weeks to Optimal Health
Atlas Anti-Aging Yoga
Life Works Yoga & Meditation

Life is full, summer is great. I am house sitting for a friend, a friend who is a much better housekeeper than I am and I am here to say that it is much easier to keep someonelse's house clean than my own. My kids make their beds, and dishes are done after dinner. The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and I find myself thinking about making sure that everything is picked up so that it is easy for her to clean. I don't have any of my things around me except my computer and a few clothes. It has been three weeks. I don't really miss my things. I miss the selection of clothing, but I am managing without it. I miss having all my books, but the internet has most things that I look for. I stop by and visit with my bird most days and spend some time with him. The cats here are pretty cool, Timo likes to fetch and Matrix curls up in a little ball in my lap if I sit still long enough. The house is spacious and the back deck is one of my favourite places to rest for a few minutes everyday. Yoga on the deck in the early morning is nice and cool.
Even the laundry room is clean.

Tomorrow my son turns 16. He was born 16 years ago and it feels like the other day. The years are filled with wonderful memories and growing pains. I look at him across from me tonight and I am in awe. Almost as much as the day that he was born. He doen't make eye contact with me the way that he did that day, but he has begun to give real hugs again and there is hope that the wonderful child that I know is still inside this large, hairy man sitting beside me. He is beautiful, handsome, smart, talented and a total pain in the neck. Hard to believe that you can love someone so much.

May the Sun be on your back and light your way.

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